Quality And Sustainability Policy


While institutionalizing, we establish our operation and management system in accordance with international standards and ensure they are implemented. We assess and improve our guest satisfaction and service quality by believing that the better is always possible. We always consider continuing training for raising awareness of our personnel and ensuring sustainability of the system.

We make new investments by working in harmony with the policies of the country and the region. We take guest expectations into our consideration for our investments and we always use our experience, knowledge and skills constructively by closely following technology.

We focus on both the internal and external candidates for our employers' brand to become the preferred firm. We create a participant working environment by implementing our corporate and personal performance assessment process and our strategy and goals by expanding them to our entire organization and all our employees and turning our corporate development approaches into best practices.

We ensure that all personnel provide contribution to our system by means of our transparent management approach. We create personnel believing in teamwork and ensure them to be a long-term parts of our group by infusing our corporate identity to all of them. We work for placing innovation and corporative entrepreneurship in the center of our corporate culture and ensuring expansion of their practices through participation of our stakeholders.

Our goal is to establish transparent and participant communication with all our stakeholders based on mutual trust, manage our social, environmental and economical effects provatively with our stakeholders, take the approach of "managing through the conscious of social responsibility where expectations of our stakeholders are reflected on our way of business, culture and values, shape and diversify our contributions in the society in accordance with our strategies and support and expand our approach of sustainability.

We carefully prepare all our trainings and we inform both our customers and our personnel on continuous basis in order to secure confidentiality, integrity and accessibility characteristics of information and raise awareness of our stakeholders on information security.

We take all kinds of necessary precautions for increasing employment, protecting and enriching ecosystem in where we are active and we shrae all activities we carry out for embracing and protecting the environment with our stakeholders.

Beyond legal regulations, it is our priority to take responsibility with our way of business conduct and be in the forefront and adopt a way of business conduct beyond full compliance with legal regulations. We accept to be against all kinds of corruption and bribe as our fundamental responsibility. We accept and acknowledge the conscious of reliability, justice, efficiency, transparency, taking initiative, teamwork and love and respect as our major value in corporate management. 

We present physically, chemically and microbiologically clean foods for healthy nourishment of our guests. We folow the country-wide applicable laws and regulations for purchasing, storing, preparing and presenting raw materials. Our goal is to continuously improve our food safety standards and ensure they are implemented as a system. While, we develop our products and services, we take care that they are environmentally friendly, reliable, durable and high-quality. Our goal is to get all certifications and safety details related with all our products and continue their sustainability carefully.

We detect our impacts on the environment and take our negative impacts, potential risks and wastes on the environment under control in order to protect the environment and provide needs of sustainable tourism. We aim to change our way of conduct, reduce our Water consumption, manage Global climate change, conduct activities in accordance with the principle of reducing wastes at their sources, manage wastes through the principle of zero waste storate in nature and create economical values through reuse, recycling and recovery. While, we create our environmental strategies and design our activities, we take ecosystem issues into our consideration.

We follow the applicable laws, directives, legislations and regulations issued in our country related with the environment, the occupational health and safety and human rights and we fulfill all requisites perfectly. We aim to respect and support universal human rights and take responsibility for preventing any violation while we carry out our activities. We spend utmost efforts to raise awarenes against all kinds of violence including domestic violence.