Environmental Policy


In order to ensure the sustainability of protecting the environment for our future generations; we are dedicated to take the necessary measures with our green hotel policy.

To be an ecofriendly hotel, we are aware of the consequences of our operations to the environment and therefore are doing our upmost to reduce the affects from our operations.

By working together, we can make our environment a cleaner and safer place, thus become a focus point that draws attention to environmental problems.


We commit to be an
environmentalist hotel by

• Taking a proactive approach to our future needs and requirements inline with environmentalist legislations.

• Protecting natural sources with responsible use of water, energy and materials while maintaining our high standard of quality to our guests.

• Having a waste material management policy in order to recycle efficiently. Also we observe our energy and water consumptions at all times.

• Working together with appropriate suppliers possessing a green policy and environmentalist operations.

• Always observing, updating and informing our staff through our environmental team. To make the world a better place.